The Team

Meet the people building out the Flux vision of a decentralized world. The team is a decentralized organizational structure that distributes responsibility for daily management task among several departments and individuals.

Parker Honeyman

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Parker is a Pacific Northwest native and lives in Oregon after spending 5 years working in the Bay Area for medical device start-ups. He brings technical know-how and proven development processes to the blockchain space as a co-founder of Flux and the Zelcore Platform. Parker is certain that Web 3 is the future of the internet, and it needs the decentralized services of Flux and Zelcore.

Tadeáš Kmenta

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Tadeas has over 10 years of experience developing decentralised blockchain technologies. As a strong privacy advocate, blockchains and web3 is where the future of freedom lies. Tadeas physics background helps further shaping ideas to be applicable throughout many industries.

Daniel Keller

Co-Founder and Strategy Officer

Daniel has over 25+ years of IT experience in technology, healthcare and nonprofit works. An entrepreneur, investor, and disruptive technology advocate, Daniel's ethos resonates with many on the Flux Team , Daniel is focusing on projects that are uplifting to humanity.

Davy Wittock


Davy leads the Business Development team and specializes in Customer Relationship Management.He is an experienced system performance analyst with a background in Healthcare IT management, architecture, and enterprise solutions. He led technical projects in a variety of industries and locations around the world.Davy defines himself in all of his endeavors by providing quality service and results, making him a valuable member of the team and an essential part to the project.

Jeremy Anderson


Jeremy is a Utah based software entrepreneur with 10+ years of expereince in software design, architecture, and team management. He has worked with multiple blockchain companies and cryptocurrencies building layer 1 and layer 2 solutions for on chain assets, deterministic masternodes, algorithmic mining, and more. He holds a bachelors of Computer Science from the University of Utah and is currently helping pave the way for Web3 technologies.

Nolan Porter

Project Manager

Nolan has 15 years working in the automotive, insurance, and IT field to work with innovative projects. As someone who has worked as an operations analyst they focus on building strong teams, pushing forward lean projects, and working towards continuous process improvement. As an entrepreneur within the crypto community they look forward to helping push Flux to the next level.

Valter Silva

Senior Developer

Valter is a Lisbon based computer engineer with 15+ years of experience in software design, architecture, team management and technical project responsibility. He has worked on multiple projects using a range of programming languages. Almost all his experience has been in the banking industry, from implementing SEPA direct debits to bank pledges, account opening to digital on-boarding. He loves digital transformation and is thrilled to be helping build the next generation of the  internet with Flux’s Web3 solution.

Alžběta Kolibačová

CMO and Marketing & PR

Betty is an engineer passionate about blockchain projects and startups that solve a real world problem. She’s experienced in digital marketing and PR, building successful engagement marketing, social media strategy and brand awareness. Flexibility, adaptability and organizational skills allow her to lead effectively our decentralized marketing team.

Ali Malik

Business Development

With 15+ Years in telecom industry experience. Ali Malik joins Flux as a business development, Marketing & PR. Here at flux, responsible for market research and planning. Identify new opportunities and working with leadership team for identifying market strategies. Screen potential business opportunities that would bring revenue & exposure to the project. Managing proposal response process, decision making strategies, content creation and inputs from various sources.

Călin Timaru

UX/UI, Graphic Designer & Front-end Web Developer

Calin is a Romanian web designer with experience in web design, graphic design, UX / UI design, branding and web development. He worked as a freelancer on several projects in order to build their identity and help target their audience. Very passionate about technology and the empowerment of ordinary people, he believes that Web3 can build the new user experience of the internet.

Dimitris Kats

Video Content Developer

Dim has worked with multiple projects in the past, is self-taught with over 7+ years of experience on 2D. Looking for ways to make Metaverse along with 3D more interactive. 3D will be the future of everything and better get on the train now.

Tim Sulmone

Developer, Media Contributor & Community Moderator

Tim is one of the Business Developers and Docker Developers of the Flux project. With over a decade of experience in the cryptocurrency space, and prior international supply chain management, he leverages his past experiences to help grow the project. Tim has also been active in the gaming sector, by building servers and growing communities. He has been seen participating in game development competitions such as js13k and Gamedev.js Jam.

Kamil Piekarski

Developer, Infra Team & Community Moderator

A passionate programmer, self-taught and hobbyist programmer who has been interested in computers and the creation of applications and scripts from an early age. He creates, among others in Node.js, Bash, C ++, C #. He has been actively involved in the IT industry for 15 years. In the world of cryptocurrencies, he started operating in 2017 as an investor and miner. In his free time he dives and travels.

Vasilis Magkoutis

Full Stack Developer

Vasilis has over 10 years of IT experience in Development, Information Security (Pen-Testing) and Networks. His skills include knowledge of various programming languages including solidity, JavaScript and python. Vasilis is deeply passionate about blockchain technology and a firm believer of Flux Vision for Web3.

Greg Probst

Infrastructure & Security Engineer

Greg has worked in Enterprise IT for 12+ years and specializes in regulatory controlled (credit cards, viral research, dual use research) and life safety systems. Currently serving as the Critical Infrastructure Team Lead at a major university, he brings experience in systems design, security and administration to the team.

Simon Jewell

Full Stack Developer

Simon has been programming for 86.67% of his life, mostly in telecoms and mobile apps. After a brief flirtation with Crypto mining in 2018 he has concentrated his efforts on crypto programming. Simon joined the Flux team full time in 2021, and in his spare time he enjoys tinkering with Arduino projects and making pizza.

Ali Mahdavi

Full Stack Developer

Ali is a software engineer with years of experience in web and software development. He has created many web applications, video games, software tools, and has co-founded three tech companies in the past 15 years. He believes that Web3 is the future and is dedicated to making it better.

John Hanlon

Full Stack Developer

John is a Full Stack Software Developer and has been working with Flux since the start of 2022. He has created dockerized web applications and enjoys working with JavaScript and Ruby, as well as exploring blockchain based technologies. John holds a Higher Diploma in Software Development from National College of Ireland. Before starting his career in Software Development, John spent almost a decade in the commercial real estate industry.

Ryan Deimling

Infrastructure & Wiki Developer

Ryan has over 10+ years of IT experience with server infrastructure both in a healthcare settings as well in a datacenter for a major hosting provider. Having spent much of the 10+ years doing disaster recovery drills and documentation, Ryan's focus is infrastructure optimization and maintenance as well as content creation for the Flux teams Wiki.

Liza Troshina

Community & Media

Lisa, I am 19 years old, I live in a picturesque place near Elbrus, in the south of Russia. I am getting a law degree in civil law. I lead an active lifestyle, fond of photography and mountain hiking, love animals. I can ride a motorcycle and a horse, I am a good shot with a gun.My first acquaintance with the crypto was in 2017, but I became actively interested in 2021. After I met the Flux project, I fell in love with it. I began to actively study blockchain, mining, cryptocurrencies and specifically the Flux technology. I also became interested in marketing, graphic and motion design. I am constantly improving my skills and acquiring new ones.

Tom Moulton


Tom started in digital communications in 1975 as a Ham Radio (W2VY) operator using Morse Code was very involved in message relay, after graduating High School he started at Newark College of Engineering in Computer Science.Within a year was working on a NFS funded project researching "Human Communications via Computer" where they developed the Electronic Information Exchange System (EIES) lead by Dr Murray Turoff and Dr Starr Roxanne Hiltz, authors of "The Network Nation". They envisioned and implemented every communications tool we use today in one form for another. After starting pre-Internet 45 years ago, it is very exciting to be involved with Flux which is the clear leader in Web 3.0 and beyond.  As a part time Flux Developer my notable contributions include the idea to use uPnP for Home Nodes and support for the Flux Daemon (C Language, I am a dinosaur)

Emmanuel Steve


Emmanuel Steve is an educated Software developer with over 5 years in software development experience, He has a demonstrated history of delivering large, complex projects. Emmanuel is focused on building community centric projects In the blockchain space.

Márcio Pinho

Graphic Designer

After a professional retraining, Marcio is a young graduate. From Porto to Paris, he develops his skills through his motivation and his experiences. His creativity helps him to compose well-balanced designs for the Flux team. Driven by innovation, he loves to be an actor in the changes of the world of tomorrow.

Noah Weinberg

Infrastructure &  Security Engineer

Noah possesses 10+ years of expertise as an infrastructure engineer working with enterprise-grade IT systems. Based in Wisconsin, he has extensive experience securing high-capacity financial systems, critical infrastructure, and environments under federal regulatory scrutiny. Noah is motivated and excited to see what advancements the future holds for Flux’s Web3 suite.

Justin O'Donnell

Flux Labs Developer & Pool Op

Marine Veteran, Worked on Helicopters and then after getting out moved to working on gas turbines at a power plant. Starting working in crypto space in 2017 auditing project qt and Java wrapper wallets. Started operating mining pools in 2018.Currently full time pool op and works in charity. Will soon be starting my own non profit "Fluffy Legion"

Alex Perritaz

Business Development PoUW

Born and raised in Thailand, I later relocated to Switzerland, where I gained over ten years of experience in IT development. I graduated in IT management before specializing in deep learning with a focus on clinical applications.I'm a curious and passionate person at heart. This, I believe, is what drives both my personal and professional development, and it is reflected in most of the projects I work on.Since then, my focus has shifted slightly, and I am now conducting research at my university on the application of blockchain technologies to real-world use-cases. Flux, I believe, will shape the future and change the way we currently consume and use resources.

Adam Coombes

APAC Business Development Manager

By trade I am a qualified Paramedic from Sydney, Australia but after discovering crypto in 2019 I have been delving further into the web3 space ever since. After coming across the FLUX project I have wanted to be involved in the project and help grow the awareness by way of moderating the social media discourse, to being part of the support desk team and now assuming BDM responsibilities.

Matthew DeGarmo

Infrastructure & Security Engineer, Developer

Matthew has over 10+ years experience in the tech arena. Having gone from IT Support, to DevOps Architect, to Full Stack Engineer, he demonstrates his passion to be a daily learner. He specializes in all things automation, with interests in Cyber Security, having several industry leading certifications like CISSP. In his spare time, he streams tech on Twitch, hoping to help teach and inspire others.

Afonso Urbano


António Pedro Romão


Marko Oette


Greg Droid



Chief Bark Officer