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What is Flux Carbon neutral?

About Flux Carbon Neutral

Surging demand for cryptocurrencies and accelerating adoption of blockchain-based solutions have highlighted an important issue: the technology's growing energy consumption and its impact on our climate. Flux is actively developing sustainable solutions for proof of work and cloud computing. Flux believes that blockchains are not the sole cause of environmental problems but that it instead can provide solutions that will ultimately create more energy-efficient solutions than legacy technology can.


Roadmap Flux Carbon neutral

Road to Net Carbon Zero

The Flux ethos also extends to responsibly utilizing energy. It does so through active development and innovation

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ASIC-resistant mining algorithm

Flux utilizes an ASIC-resistant mining algorithm to keep the energy levels spent in check.Bitcoin and Ethereum can be mined with ASICS, which creates a run on hash rates as ASICS mines very efficiently and is usually deployed at an industrial level. It takes 143 mWh of power to make one Bitcoin and about 3 kWh to make a Flux. From inception Flux took measures to reduce the energy overhead of mining.


Proof-of-Useful-Work Consensus

Flux is working with its partner, the Western Switzerland University of Applied Sciences in Geneva, to develop this innovative technology.Proof-of-Useful-Work ensures that the computational power is used for solving real-world problems while securing the blockchain simultaneously - the net effect is less power used and less carbon emission.


Flux Web 3.0 Cloud

Data centers use an estimated 200–250 billion kWh per year globally. In conventional data centers, much of the capacity sits idle, ultimately wasting power.Flux aims to provide a more efficient organization of its ‘virtual’ data center with fewer resources being idle. The capacity of the Flux network is tied closely to supply and demand. By developing more flexible computing deployment and hosting models, Flux will build a more energy-efficient cloud solution than centralized providers can.


Building The Future Together

Flux actively seeks ways to build a more sustainable and environmentally friendly blockchain. We’d love to join forces with others in this endeavor, as it should be a shared mission for all blockchains to protect the environment. If you have good ideas for making blockchain more sustainable, please seek and share them with us to develop a better future together.